Touring involves a great expenditure of effort, energy and expense. And by expense I am speaking in the larger context of the drain it takes on environmental resources and people's lives, both those who work to put a tour together, and those who come to be part of the gathering. With this in mind, it seems counter productive, not to mention wasteful, to plan a tour other than in direct response to those who would like to hear my music performed live. Rather than chasing back and forth throwing up a lot of dust to see if anyone is interested in concerts, I thought it more productive to plan a tour in direct response to those who would like to explore Candice's and my collective work in a live format. And then too, you can be part of its creation.

So here's what you should know.

We play to a full house - whatever the size of the house.

Because that makes sense in every way. Environmentally. Creatively. Economically. Communally. Cosmically.

So, whether you have an intimate playhouse, a grand concert hall, a quirky little barn venue or an outdoor grandstand in a park, if you like the music you hear here and you want to gather your community of affection and invite us into your neighbourhood, then get in touch and we will make it happen together.