The Peacock, the Deer, and the Moon

We cannot see the tendrils that trail from one thing to the next,

but we are woven together, all of us, the peacock, the deer and the moon,

all warp and weave traveling through time,

heartstrings and memories one,

moving, who knows where?


The vast darkness,

the interceding light crackling with laughter born of love,

all move in a grand sweep of grace,

majestic and bold.

But the movement is not solely the instrument of some great other,

though that grounding both holds us fast and propels us forward.

The direction we move is guided by the invisible bracelet wrapped around our wrist,

binding us to the beloved in breath and woods and sky.


When lovers entwined stand open faced toward the moon,

the peacock in hopeful anticipation spreads his courting robe,

and the deer nibbles contentedly on the winter wheat and dreams of spring.


Is it not better, then, to gather in the world’s embrace,

holding fast to one another and our eternal goodness,

which, though so often obscured by our conceits, burns eternal no matter our intent?

In humility lies hope.

And in our professed love for one another a way forward. 

Production Notes for Bruce Ley Collection One Project


Scott Bruyea, drums, percussion

Bob Hewus, bass

Steve Kennedy, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones

Larry Kurtz, blues harp

Eric Mahar, lead guitar

Larry Kurtz, blues harp

Bruce Ley, lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards, percussion, lead vocals

And here they are…….

Background Singers

Steve Kennedy, Carole Warren, Russell Jones, Bob Hewus, Scott Bruyea, Leslie Arden, Aaron Solomon, Rob Lang, Graham Corbett, Norm Trudeau, background vocals,

First Friday Soul Singers:

Juliette Reynolds, Anne Thompson, Laura Wark, Lisa Watson, Alta Wilber, sopranos 

Candice Bist, Jenna Kessler, Joanna Mackie, Julie Mae Nemeth, Amy Ouchterlony, Laura Walton, altos

Graham Corbett, Russell Jones, Rob Lang, Norm Trudeau, tenors

Production Team

Recorded by Bruce Ley at Bruce Ley Studios

Mixed by George Semkiw at Amber Studios

Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel

Yvonne Valnea at Last Tango Productions, publicity

Cliff Hunt, Adam Hunt at Yangaroo, DMDS notification, digital downloading and so much more…….

Zip the Dog, CD manufacturing

Tipher Ley, Candice Bist, art direction

Zip the Dog, CD manufacturing

Rick Moses, live concert editor/mixer *** we don't have anything up on the web site yet, but Rick has been working tirelessly on this part of our project


Barbara Stoneham, photo of Bruce with accoustic guitar under 'Storied Lyrics', black and white photo in 'painting' section, photo of Candice in lyric section

Jim Waddington, black and white photo of Bruce on stage playing electric guitar under 'recordings', closeup of Bruce in sunglasses on stage at the microphone

Nancy Falconer, close up of Bruce's hands on piano keys used under the production credits on the booklet of the physical CD, Bruce's feet and hands/guitar at the beginning of notes on the band


Special Note of thanks to Dr. W. G. Hughes, affectionately known as Buddy, and the owner of the original painting 'The Peacock, the Deer, and the Moon' for his support and generous spirit.  

Closing Notes: Above you will see a long list of people and their contributions to this particular CD collection. We tend to do this - give credit for things people do - and so it must be, of course. But the greater gift, both to us, and to this musical collection, is not so much what they have done, but who they are as people. They have given their talent and time with a generous spirit and hopeful heart, blessing our work with their presence, and making of a dream a reality. We are gratefully in their debt. 


Bruce Ley, Candice Bist, producers

All songs registered with SOCAN 2014.