Bruce and I have been working and writing music together for as long as we have been hanging out - over thirty six years. The songs on this first collection were chosen from material created over the last two years, often when Bruce was on the road. We would send lyrics and MP3's back and forth when he was travelling and then work in our home studio fine tuning things we thought were worth fleshing out.

The production notes for the CD contain the short piece of writing that accompanies Bruce's title painting as well as introductions, full lyrics and credits for each song.

As a listener of music I am always intrigued by where the idea for a song comes from, what the story is behind the song. So, I've tried to give you a little peek into that behind-the-song place. Though in truth it is only a flicker - the kalidiscope of real origin is beyond telling.

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And if are wondering about the artwork on the CD covers, they are taken from Bruce's original acrylic paintings.