Weddings, Covenantal Services

I play at all manner of wedding celebrations, both traditional, and not so traditional, in a wide variety of venues - from art galleries to open meadows. Here below are a small sample of popular pieces that are often requested, but I can play any song that is desired, either as a solo pianist or with other musicians. Candice sometimes officiates at a these celebrations. Contact me for availability and pricing.  

Funeral,Celebration of Life Services

Funeral services need not be funereal, but rather thoughtful and gentle, and live music is a wonderful way to lead people in meditation and the beginnings of healing. Celebrations of life, of course, can have any manner of musical style reflecting the life of the person being celebrated, so I have not offered samples for these. But again, you will see from the wide variety of music on my website, I can play anything from country to jazz to traditional music. Below are some samples for things that have been chosen specifically for funeral services. Contact me for availability and pricing. 

Sunday Morning Church/Spiritual Gatherings of All Kinds

I love playing hymns, new, old, updated, classic. And I think that is mostly because I love to hear people sing together, which doesn't happen as often any more as I would like. I am happy to play a simple Sunday service, or be part of a larger gathering exploring spiritual matters. I can play solo, as an accompanist, or with a small band. Whether in a church or a small hall, I like to support those gathering to further explore our shared humanity and how we might all work together more lovingly. Contact me for availability and pricing.