There are several ways to purchase Bruce Ley Collection One. The best for the artist is as directly as possible and that would be right off the web site. But you can also purchase through Bandcamp, ITunes, CDBaby and which all have their individual advantages. We are working on the option to work with bit coin, a concept intriguing to us.  

If none of these methods suit you and you would like to purchase by way of personal cheque, direct email transfer or barter just get in touch with us and we will make a suitable arrangement to ship either as a physical package or as a direct download. All things are possible. You just need to ask. 

NOTE: There are two additional free MP3 downloads below - one each from the next two collections due out May and October of this year, 2014.  You can hear further tracks from Bruce Ley Collection Two and Bruce Ley Collection Three as we post them in various stages of production. (If you purchase from Bandcamp the two downloads below are already included in your digital download.)

If you wish to purchase the CD directly from the web site, please select your choice below. The digital downloads are MP3 files, the same quality as ITunes. You will be able to purchase them with a variety of credit cards. The physical CD is in a slim cardboard package with a small 16 page booklet including all production notes, lyrics, and intros. (This information is also available here on the website.) If you purchase the physical CD it will include a digital download attached to your email confirmation of purchase.

Purchase Physical CD (Digital Included)
Purchase Digital CD Only

If you would like to purchase from our Bandcamp connection, the button below will take you directly to our Bandcamp page. At Bandcamp you can choose other formats for your download beside the usual MP3's (MP3 320, MP3 VBR VO, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and Apple Lossless) and also purchase tracks individually. And if you prefer to purchase with your PayPal account, this is where you would do it. Also, at Bandcamp, there is an option to pay more for the album than the stated price - always an encouragement to the artist.

If you are an ITunes fan here's the button for digital downloads of the entire album or individual tracks. And well, you know, if you love your ITunes, it is the way to go.

Bruce Ley Collection One is also available at CDBaby and if these are your stores of choice for digital downloads. At both these locations you can purchase either the entire album or individual tracks.  

For purchases by personal cheque, direct email transfer, or barter please contact Candice at